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What is GlucodOX?

GlucodOX is a guggul-based nutraceutical that is an AMPK activator that can extend your “healthspan” by stimulating an enhanced response to cellular and metabolic stress.

What is AMPK?

AMPK is adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. It’s an enzyme that plays a major role in maintaining cellular homeostasis. Its purpose is most notably recognized as being responsible for activating glucose and fatty acid update and ensuring their oxidization when cellular energy is low.

AMPK Boosts Exercise Effectiveness

This can all be very confusing when you’re hearing it for the first time. AMPK is an enzyme that is activated in a myriad of different metabolic functions in the body. One of those major activating conditions is exercise! Ordinarily, when you exercise you experience numerous benefits as a response to that exercise—for example, a major benefit of exercise is increased fatty acid metabolism. This provides a greater energy supply for the cells and in ordinary terms, it’s partially the reason why you have higher energy levels when you get into better shape. Your body becomes more efficient at not only taking in energy but also it becomes more efficient at tapping that energy and cycling it.

Greater fatty acid metabolism also results in greater ATP production. ATP is adenosine triphosphate and is used in exercise as energy that is available when oxygen is sparse. Consider that when doing high-intensity exercise such as lifting weights or sprinting, you’re taxing your phosphagen energy system which relies heavily on ATP.

Another one of the many categories that is thought to be mediated by AMPK is glucose uptake. When AMPK is activated, glycolysis is also stimulated. The anaerobic energy system is also called the glycolytic system. When we consume (primarily) carbohydrates, the body stores this energy as glucose in the muscles. When we exercise, we use this glucose in the process known as glycolysis to convert it into energy that can fuel our exercise efforts.

Consider that through exercise adaptations, we can enhance the amount of glycogen we can store inside of our muscles. Using a product such as GlucodOX to activate AMPK, you may experience a greater ability to utilize this glucose through enhanced glucose uptake

AMPK Activation Coincides With Exercise Benefits

What are some of the things which would cause your doctor to recommend exercise for you? Sure, it’s great all on its own and you needn’t develop issues just to start exercising. However, it’s typically when we have an excess of visceral fat, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and wildly swinging blood sugar levels that exercise is mandated.

Is it a coincidence that all of these things are also connected to low AMPK activation? Unlikely. AMPK is a fairly new focus in the world of science and medicine, but it is because of that it is so promising in its benefits. Exercise has long been thought of as the primary way to prevent premature aging and reduce unnecessary inflammation in the body. Now, we’re beginning to understand that AMPK acts as a sort of mediator for so many of these positive processes that are stimulated by exercise.

Now ask yourself, what if you resolved yourself to exercise and cut calories as a responsible person should, but unknowingly, a low AMPK activation response was hindering your hard efforts behind the scenes? There’s no way you could know…until now.

Get in Shape with GlucodOX

GlucodOX features a powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients that are sure to aid in your reduction of visceral fat, inflammation and as a result, the support of healthy aging.

We’ve no doubt that GlucodOX will be a powerful supplement to aid you in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Visit our shop today to order GlucodOX now! If you have any questions about GlucodOX, feel free to contact us here and our representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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