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Guggul is a potent ayurvedic remedy that is obtained from the sap of the guggul tree. Guggul resin is used to assist in the treatment of arthritis, the reduction of cholesterol levels, and many other things. Like curcumin, while guggul can be useful as a nutraceutical for daily use, there are certainly some groups who will benefit greatly from guggulsterones or guggul-based products. One of the best examples of a group that benefits from guggul are athletes or people who train intensely every week.

What Are The General Benefits of Guggul?

As we mentioned earlier, guggul can be used for a variety of things.

One major benefit that citizens of Western countries can benefit from is guggul’s ability to fight against atherosclerosis—the hardening of the arterial walls. The buildup of plaque is the primary causes of atherosclerosis. Plaque buildup is caused by lack of exercise, high cholesterol, and a poor diet.

Unsurprisingly, guggul is a great nutraceutical to help combat atherosclerosis since it works against the very things that cause it. This study demonstrates that a combination of atorvastatin and guggul were responsible for moving towards a more favorable lipid profile.

Why is Guggul Good for Athletic Performance?

We exercise for many reasons, but the two primary reasons most people have are to both improve appearance and improve health. Being a good athlete rests on being able to endure difficult training and perform at a high level, but it also equally if not more depends on how well you can recover.

If your body is perpetually stuck with a high inflammation response then it will ultiamtely lead to subpar recovery and a general sense of fatigue and unwellness. Guggul-based nutraceuticals such as GlucodOX are phenomenal at helping reduce inflammation in the body alongside healthier lifestyle changes

Some lifestyle tips that will help give athletes the best foundation for the extra advantage that a nutraceutical will bring are as follows:

  • Sleep. Many people skirt by on 6-6.5 hours of sleep but in truth it’s not enough. Especially for athletic performance which requires not just strength but fine motor control, sleeping 7-9 hours a night can go a long way in reducing the chances of injury due to coordination failure.
  • Eat a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables. Exercise is taxing on the system, if you are perpetually starved for calories or micronutrients, it will manifest as a persistent inflammatory response in your body.
  • Sleep is important, but so are scheduled rest days. It’s important to let your muscles and tendons get a break from the constant exercise.

How does guggul come into play with all of this? GlucodOX—Nutent Therapeutics’ guggul-based nutraceutical features all of the health benefits that guggul provides while also adding our own proprietary blend that results in an increased AMPK activation response.

AMPK is the master switch for cellular energy and metabolism. In this widely cited paper about AMPK, Richter and Ruderman state that AMPK, when activated, stimulates energy-generating processes such as glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation while also decreasing energy-consuming processes such as protein and lipid synthesis. It is well known that exercise activates AMPK and has been shown to improve the metabolic profile of rodents that had metabolic syndrome.

It’s not a stretch to say that AMPK activation is then an important factor not only for athletes but also for the metabolic health of ordinary individuals.

Best Guggul Nutraceutical for Athletes

GlucodOX is a guggul-based nutraceutical that supports regular cellular metabolism and promotes healthy weight through the reduction of bodily inflammation. Increasing insulin sensitivity and blood flow through exercise, a healthy diet and glucodOX can help promote a reduction in body fat levels and a better quality of life.

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GlucodOX is a guggul-based nutraceutical that can be used for the support of a healthy metabolism and all that entails. Guggul, the main ingredient in GlucodOX, has been associated with a wide-range of health benefits that combat common issues such as:

  • High Cholesterol
  • Joint Pain
  • Obesity

While GlucodOX can offer many health benefits, there are things you can do to ensure that the effects of this nutraceutical are fully realized.

Guggul and Exercise For Metabolic Health

Guggul—and by extension, GlucodOX, are powerful catalysts for fat metabolism and healthy weight control. While the body is complex and there are many factors that affect weight gain or loss, it is a fact that exercise can positively affect your ability to keep weight off and stay health.

Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and fights off insulin resistance. A big reason for this is that the body becomes more efficient at using sugars and carbohydrates as fuel for activity as opposed to fat storage. Physical activity is also said to modify the gene expression that lead to better signalling for insulin and the transportation of glucose.

In other words, exercise will improve your insulin sensitivity through a cascading effect of positive changes to how your body metabolizes energy that it is given. Guggul offers metabolic support through the activation of AMPK. What is interesting is that many drugs used for diabetes such as Metformin also activate AMPK—which acts as a kind of sensor for energy metabolism. As we age, AMPK activation lowers as it follows the pattern of everything “slowing down” as we age—including our metabolism and ability to burn energy we consume.

Exercise increases your metabolic furnace, so to speak. So it’s only natural to say that it also is a synergistic activity to AMPK activation and inevitably better insulin sensitivity and fat burning.

Guggul for Cholesterol Reduction

Exercise has been proven to increase levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and reduce overall cholesterol numbers in those who are sedentary and or overweight. Having too high of a cholesterol reading can put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Guggul can be useful in helping cholesterol levels that are within the normal range already. It is also believed to increase thyroid hormone production which has a direct result of decreasing serum lipid levels. This can lead to a marked reduction in risk of atherosclerosis—which is a disease that involves the hardening and narrowing of your arterial walls. Because of its positive effects on cholesterol levels, guggul is claimed to improve blood flow.

Like many nutraceuticals, the health benefits are wide ranging but are best used as a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Best Guggul Supplement Online

GlucodOX is a potent guggul-based supplement that can aid you in your quest for wellness and health. Through the powerful effects of a concentrated dose of guggul/guggulsterone and our proprietary blend, GlucodOX can support metabolic health and fat metabolism.

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Guggul has been used as an ayurvedic remedy for hundreds of years. Like many ayurvedic remedies, science has been backtracking over their usage and cross comparing them with current scientific knowledge and methods of inquiry. This has led to an explosion in the field of supplements known as nutraceuticals.

What is a Nutraceutical?

Nutraceutical is a term that encompasses a variety of diet supplementary products that are aimed at providing health benefits through extracting and concentrating traditionally healthy foods. One such example is our product Volt:03, which extracts the small amounts of the highly beneficial compound curcumin from turmeric and provides a higher concentration of curcumin inside!

Where Does Guggul Come From?

The guggul plant (Commiphora Mukul) comes from the bark of the guggul tree which has exists in the central parts of Asia and North Africa. It is a medicinal remedy that has been used for centuries. The Sanskrit meaning of the word guggul can be interpreted as “protects against diseases”. Indeed, that is what people believed as guggul was widely believed to be a panacea of sorts for all manner of diseases and ailments.

A type of gum resin is extracted from the tree. Once it is properly extracted, guggul resin supposedly can be preserved for as long as 20 years! The taste of this resin is noted by many to be highly bitter mixed with some kind of sweetness. Overall its flavor profile is bitter, but thankfully when you take it in an extracted form such as GlucodOX you won’t have to worry about that.

What Does Guggul Do?

GlucadOX—a nutraceutical whose main ingredient is guggul, promotes healthy weight control and metabolism by taking the many advantages that guggul and guggulsterone provides and combining it in a special formula that stimulates AMPK in conjunction, you get a potent supplement that can aid metabolic health and support healthy insulin sensitivity.

AMPK is adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. It is considered to be a kind of master-switch when it comes to regulating energy metabolism in many cells in the body. Insulin and AMPK respond to one another, when the body becomes burdened by increased insulin sensitivity, AMPK also experiences lower activation. It can be a chicken and the egg scenario, does lower AMPK contribute to insulin resistance or is it the other way around? It could also be a two-way street. AMPK is a relatively new fascination in medical science but it’s also very promising.

In any case, the combination of guggul and AMPK activation can be a fantastic supplement to a healthy diet and exercise. Nutraceuticals have exploded in popularity in the past decade because they are a holistic and natural means of increasing wellbeing and general health.

Best Guggul Nutraceutical

The health benefits of guggul are well known, our patented formulation is a potent combination of guggul and a proprietary complex that serves to increase AMPK activation to support metabolic health.

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What are Nutraceuticals? How Do They Differ From Pharmaceuticals ?

Nutraceuticals are essentially a holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals that have intensified health benefits that are typically associated with the food or compound they are extrapolated from. For example, our highly successful product Volt 03 is one of the best Curcumin products on the market due to it possessing the highest bioavailability. While nutraceutical is a fairly newer term that branches off from the more wide-ranging term, “supplement”. Products like fish-oil capsules have been on the market for a few decades and have only increased in popularity. Because they are way to supplement the omega-3 that is naturally obtained by eating fish.

What is Guggul?

Guggul is a tree (also called Mukul myrrh tree or Commiphora wightii) that can be found in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. From the tree and extract of the same name can be obtained. This guggul resin is highly popular and used in things such as incense and ayurvedic medicine. So much so that it has undergone many protections to ensure the harvesting of the guggul tree is done safely and sustainably.

What Health Benefits Does Guggul Provide?

Guggul gum resin—like many ayurvedic medicines is tied to a host of health benefits. Guggul has been noted for its ability to help control cholesterol levels, keep body fat levels down, as well as help mitigate some of the issues that surround arthritis. One of the major benefits of guggul that has been studied well is its

Preliminary research had noted that taking 500 mg of guggul (which contains about 3.5% of guggulsterones) three times daily may improve arthritis pain and that taking 3000 mgs of guggul daily for 4 months had shown improvements in managing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

One of the major benefits of guggul that is fairly well studied is that it can treat some cases of acne remarkably well. For example, the antibiotic tetracycline is used to treat nodulocystic acne—which is a highly severe form of acne that can affect the face, chest, and back. Guggul appears to work on par with tetracycline for the treatment of nodulocystic acne. Supplementation with it can decrease the amount of pain felt from the condition, decrease swelling, the amount of outbreaks experienced as well as inflammation.

Guggul-Based Nutraceutical

GlucadOX is a guggul-based nutraceutical that with guggul—along with a patented formulation, helps stimulate and activate your body’s AMPK response to improve your metabolic functioning and wellbeing. GlucadOX takes guggulsterone further through the activation of AMPK which when combined, will enhance your body’s response to things like cellular and metabolic stress.

AMPK is an enzyme that plays a major role in maintaining homeostasis on a cellular level, which is another way to say that all of the interdependent elements in your body are all functioning together in harmony and are stable.

Nutent Therapeutics is focused on providing potent, pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals that can safely and successfully supplement a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to reap the myriad of benefits associated with curcumin or boost your fat metabolism and achieve a healthy weight control with GlucodOX, we are confident our product line can boost your day to day wellness. Contact us here if you have any questions at all and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


What is GlucodOX?

GlucodOX is a guggul-based nutraceutical that is an AMPK activator that can extend your “healthspan” by stimulating an enhanced response to cellular and metabolic stress.

What is AMPK?

AMPK is adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. It’s an enzyme that plays a major role in maintaining cellular homeostasis. Its purpose is most notably recognized as being responsible for activating glucose and fatty acid update and ensuring their oxidization when cellular energy is low.

AMPK Boosts Exercise Effectiveness

This can all be very confusing when you’re hearing it for the first time. AMPK is an enzyme that is activated in a myriad of different metabolic functions in the body. One of those major activating conditions is exercise! Ordinarily, when you exercise you experience numerous benefits as a response to that exercise—for example, a major benefit of exercise is increased fatty acid metabolism. This provides a greater energy supply for the cells and in ordinary terms, it’s partially the reason why you have higher energy levels when you get into better shape. Your body becomes more efficient at not only taking in energy but also it becomes more efficient at tapping that energy and cycling it.

Greater fatty acid metabolism also results in greater ATP production. ATP is adenosine triphosphate and is used in exercise as energy that is available when oxygen is sparse. Consider that when doing high-intensity exercise such as lifting weights or sprinting, you’re taxing your phosphagen energy system which relies heavily on ATP.

Another one of the many categories that is thought to be mediated by AMPK is glucose uptake. When AMPK is activated, glycolysis is also stimulated. The anaerobic energy system is also called the glycolytic system. When we consume (primarily) carbohydrates, the body stores this energy as glucose in the muscles. When we exercise, we use this glucose in the process known as glycolysis to convert it into energy that can fuel our exercise efforts.

Consider that through exercise adaptations, we can enhance the amount of glycogen we can store inside of our muscles. Using a product such as GlucodOX to activate AMPK, you may experience a greater ability to utilize this glucose through enhanced glucose uptake

AMPK Activation Coincides With Exercise Benefits

What are some of the things which would cause your doctor to recommend exercise for you? Sure, it’s great all on its own and you needn’t develop issues just to start exercising. However, it’s typically when we have an excess of visceral fat, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and wildly swinging blood sugar levels that exercise is mandated.

Is it a coincidence that all of these things are also connected to low AMPK activation? Unlikely. AMPK is a fairly new focus in the world of science and medicine, but it is because of that it is so promising in its benefits. Exercise has long been thought of as the primary way to prevent premature aging and reduce unnecessary inflammation in the body. Now, we’re beginning to understand that AMPK acts as a sort of mediator for so many of these positive processes that are stimulated by exercise.

Now ask yourself, what if you resolved yourself to exercise and cut calories as a responsible person should, but unknowingly, a low AMPK activation response was hindering your hard efforts behind the scenes? There’s no way you could know…until now.

Get in Shape with GlucodOX

GlucodOX features a powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients that are sure to aid in your reduction of visceral fat, inflammation and as a result, the support of healthy aging.

We’ve no doubt that GlucodOX will be a powerful supplement to aid you in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Visit our shop today to order GlucodOX now! If you have any questions about GlucodOX, feel free to contact us here and our representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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